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In July, 2017, I quit an unfulfilling job to travel Europe for three months to challenge the way I viewed the world and allow myself some time for creative exploration. In Brussels, Belgium, the concept of my first business, co-mads, was born.

I started building the business and my network expanded, incredible opportunities came about, and I quickly got sucked into the fun of business development, building a brand from the ground up, and harboring community around a brand's mission. I've  had some pretty dope mentors along the way who have fast-tracked my expertise.

Four years into entrepreneurship, I own two businesses (well, three, if you count this one!), invest in real estate, and have helped build and grow impactful brands that reach across the nation. 

A Marketing Pro
& Hypewoman
All in ONE

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I'm a hip hop connoisseur (if you need any hot new hip hop recommendations, I'm your go-to).

I have over 60 houseplants in the
 little apartment I live in.


I'm a toy poodle mom to a one year old pup named Mochi.


Despite the fact that I fall a lot and have been injured numerous times, I love rollerblading.


Fun Facts About Me